Last updated: 05.10.2021

Name Org. Number About Est. City
Aiutrix 920612040

Aiutrix is a cloud-based conversational commerce platform for retailers. Its Aiu Platform offers retailer's products to customers through a variety of conversational channels like Facebook Messenger, Skype, Google Assistant, web chat, and more. Its Aiu Assistant tool is an intelligent shopping assistant platform which provides personalised shopping experience.

2018 Trondheim
Aviant 925542032

We deliver a full-stack drone service that enables autonomous and on-demand transport of cargo between medical facilities.

2020 Trondheim
Bergen Robotics 918166017

We are a team of dedicated scientists and engineers with competence in computer vision, advanced robotics and edge AI. Bergen Robotics develop and sell systems based on our AutoSENSOR platform. We work with leading companies to deliver services based on the AutoSENSOR platform. At present our main application is autonomous imaging of power line infrastructure and components using edge AI in drones and helicopters. Our products and services delivers faster, safer and lower cost operations within industrial inspection, broadcasting, search & rescue and general robotics.

2016 Bergen
Blueye 915666450

Blueye wants to contribute to increased understanding and knowledge of the sea by making easy access to see below the surface available. Blueye springs from the maritime research environment at NTNU, and access to world-leading expertise and resources has clearly characterized Blueye's technology. We focus on offering exceptional user experience through exquisite design. By bringing together a team with leading expertise in marine technology and experts in software and interaction design, we generate innovation and technical solutions at a high pace.

2015 Trondheim 917362394

The journey started in 2016 with a couple of scrappy Norwegian coders trying to automate a few interactions for a local bank. Today, that client uses the same solution to fully automate 50% of all their customer service needs - including phone support. We are “tech-first” and extremely proud that our product produces results that reflect our dedication. But it wouldn’t be possible without our brilliant humans. People with initiative. People who challenge the status quo. People that go the extra mile. People who get **it done.

2016 Sandnes, Oslo
Capeesh 919214937

Capeesh offers online language learning for companies. Utilizes artificial intelligence & gamification to create employee specific courses based on industry, company, and job role. Allows employees to learn English, Spanish, German, etc. Enables organizations to track learning progress of employees. Awards won include European Youths Award 2017 and Creative Business Cup 2019.

2017 Trondheim
Companybook 995516055

Companybook is the sales intelligence solution for prospecting and real-time company insight. The company offers targeted search results from a global database. Companybook collects information on companies, people, and industry information from multiple data sources such as news and social media sources. In addition, the company offers personalized news and alerts. Its major clients are Inbay, Liberata, Apogee, and GTC.

2010 Oslo
Diggit 919213914

Vision: We're developing services, tools and technologies that contribute towards closing the gap between industry and education. The key of any country’s societal development is based on Education. It is how a generation of people pass its knowledge, know-how and values to the next one. This is why we're working to accelerate the advent of a new educational system, pillared on the advances in technology that will enable exploratory learning, personalized learning experiences tailored to each individual, and the most stimulating education in the world; verified by our algorithms. This system will serve as an alternative to the current education system, allowing for a seamless and gradual, piece-by-piece transition. And through building this new system, we allow for the change of our current societal dogma of school and learning being perceived as necessarily boring and hard, into school and learning being AWESOME.

2017 Oslo
Digifarm 924778105

Our core team’s strengths span from deep agricultural and crop production experience, data science and machine learning to GIS and Remote Sensing engineering. In addition to our core team, we have external partners such as: Norwegian Agricultural Authority, Agricultural National Advisory, NIBIO, NMBU who provides agronomical advice and counseling. DigiFarm is a Norwegian based ag-tech startup who's spent the last three years developing deep neural network models using deeply resolved Sentinel-2 imagery at 1m resolution to detect the highest accuracy field boundaries, worldwide.

2018 Hamar
Disputas 824563462

Disputas er en nettplattform som tilgjengeliggjør analytiske metoder, teori og innovative tekst-prosesseringsverktøy. Plattformen skal tilby alt en bruker trenger for å forstå og evaluere gyldigheten i argumenterende tekst.

2020 Oslo
Documaster 995475383

Documaster provides record management solution for enterprises to capture, enhance, filter, preserve and retrieve critical documents. It uses innovative technologies such as Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Graph Databases for effective records management. It is compliant with Norway and european regulations like Noark 5 and also can be easily integrated with other applications.

2014 Oslo
Dune Analytics 921400349

We're on a mission to make crypto data accessible To get there we're building a novel data product combining a bleeding edge data platform, analytics tools and community destination. We're currently a fast growing team of 10 building a beloved product that's bringing the ethos of the open finance space to the data layer.

2018 Oslo
Exabel 917448043

Exabel provides AI-based portfolio management solutions for investment managers and financial advisors. It features solutions for hypothesis analysis, predictive modeling, and backtesting for investment assistance. It offers data evaluation, analysis, data reporting, and insights for portfolio management.

2016 Oslo
Findable 926086758

Findable provides a cloud-based service that gives you control over existing and new building documentation. Findable consists of a team with deep technical expertise in artificial intelligence and background from the real estate industry. Most of the existing documentation in the building, construction and real estate industry is paper-based. Today, it is a very demanding job to digitize, sort and quality assure the documentation. Findable uses visual artificial intelligence to automate these manual tasks.

2020 Oslo
Fiskher 923050000


2019 Lillesand
FutureReady 920845932

Future Ready is a sales enablement platform. We help telecom, bank and financial services to improve outbound sales, increase effectiveness and deliver first class customer service through AI. A digital learning platform that improves your company’s skills in telemarketing and customer service. We help companies with custom training programs, that provides better results and strengthens their brand.

2018 Fornebu
Huddly 913292049

Huddly offers AI-based video conference cameras. The company's product offering is Huddly GO camera which is a software up-gradable intelligent camera. features of the product include form factor, desktop compatible, high resolution video, lighting condition adjustment, etc. The company also offers Huddly App to control and monitor camera during meeting sessions.

2013 Oslo
Imerso 913347013

We believe in transparency and open data as the core principles that our customers in Construction, Property Development, and Asset Management can leverage massively in the Digital Age. Democratising the efficient use of 3D Capture and AI technologies will have a transformative impact in the way our partners work and collaborate.

2014 Oslo
Infiniwell 920898769

Infiniwell provides artificial intelligence based diagnostic tools. The platform helps in EEG/ECG waveform interpretation. The platform has a cloud-based portal connecting clinics, physicians and specialists for the purpose of exchanging diagnostic waveform data and interpretations.

2017 Trondheim
Intelecy 918527419

Intelecy is a business intelligence tool for multiple industries. It allows users to collect industrial data from data storage, process data, analyze and identify patterns, trends and correlations and provides actionable insights. It uses machine learning technology to process industry data. It caters solutions to chemical, mining, minerals and metals, agricultural, food and beverages and power and utilities industries.

2016 Oslo 916246269 have built a world-leading AI engine for scientific text understanding. Applied to literature reviews, data extraction, post-market surveillance or any other task involving thousands of documents like papers or patents, this engine can streamline research.

2015 Stabekk 926352490

Programvaren vår lar brukeren navigere gjennom rettskilder basert på likhetsmålinger i tematikk og meningsinnhold. Denne likhetsmålingen passer godt med hva jurister oppfatter å ha «relevans» etter juridisk metode. Under panseret er likhetene kartlagt gjennom et skreddersydd utvalg av tilpassede maskinlæringsalgoritmer og egenutviklede språkmodeller. Løsningen vår er beregnet på alle aktører som utforsker rettskilder for å besvare juridiske spørsmål. Dette gjelder spesielt advokatselskaper, men også andre rettsanvendere, for eksempel dommere og forvaltningsjurister.

2020 Oslo
Lexploria 823350902

LEXPLORIA AS is a legal tech start up operational since late 2019. LEXPLORIA develops algorithms and legal research technology that takes advantage of both relational analytics and machine learning to mine large legal data sets and transforms data into actionable knowledge. LEXPLORIA aims at enhancing research speed and capabilities of lawyers, judges, legal scholars and students.

2019 Tromsø
Luditech 918345787

Lucidtech AI is developing intelligent software to close the gap between humans and machines. They utilize complex image processing algorithms combined with neural networks to automate processes across industries, and deliver software solutions with three layers of focus: Machine Learning, Security and Usability.

2016 Oslo
Mazemap 912197905

MazeMap provides positioning and navigation systems for indoors. Claims to have experience with WiFi triangulation, BLE beaconing technology, sensor fusion platforms and geomagnetic field fingerprinting for indoor positioning as well use artificial intelligence and machine learning to transform technical floor plans into interactive indoor maps which can be used for navigation and way finding. The indoor maps service is designed for large building complexes, such as universities, hospitals, conference venues, shopping malls, offices and airports.

2013 Trondheim
Medsensio 819226792

Medsensio is committed to helping students and professionals excel in lung auscultation through building smarter products for detection and interpretation of lung sounds. They are passionate about applying their cutting-edge technology to turning years of lung sound research into useful products. Our innovation brings artificial intelligence to digitalized lung auscultation. Lung sound interpretation is a subjective and manual process, research has shown that medical personnel classify lung sounds differently. Medsensio uses state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms, trained and validated on the world’s biggest population-representative lung sound dataset in collaboration with the University of Tromsø. Our algorithms achieve near human-level performance.

2017 Tromsø, Oslo
Memkite 999661432

Memkite develops on-device image recognition search software based on Deep Learning that utilizes GPUs on iOS devices. The Memkite search engine is optimized to utilize flash storage on mobile devices. It uses Metal (iOS low-level GPU API). Also developing client software for enabling low-latency search in large (up to TB) sized drives on mobiles and wearable hardware.

2013 Trondheim
Memory AI 916517203

Memory is an AI-based time tracking software. It offers Timely, a time tracking software to track teams and projects. It enables businesses to improve timesheet efficiency, project profitability and team and business performance. Its features allow users to track data, manage records and entries and manage edits in the dashboard using artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. It offers a subscription-based pricing model.

2013 Oslo
Mentis Cura 916997477

Norsk-Islandsk selskap som utvikler metoder for å stille demensdiagnoser. Selskapet har utviklet innovativ teknologi basert på opptak av hjernens funksjon med EEG og maskinlæring som kan raskere og mer effektiv diagnostisere demens enn dagens praksis. Produktene benyttes av sykehus i demensutredning, og leveres som skytjenester gjennom Software as a Service.

2016 Oslo
Mobai (Multimodal Biometric Authentication) 922935815

Mobai is a spin-off company from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Our technology is developed by internationally acknowledged researchers with expertise in biometric systems and state-of-the-art attack detection at the Department of Information Security and Communication. We participate as key resources in governmental and industry standardization efforts, such as ISO/IEC SC37 WG3 Safe and available digital services for everyone is what we strive for. Mobai is a facial recognition system that works on any device with a camera. Our system is tailored to disclose manipulated facial features and protect the users data. Integrates into your existing system or runs as a stand-alone application. Our Multimodal Biometric Authentication solution utilize a combination of face, iris and ocular recognition to provide strong security and privacy protection.

2019 Gjøvik
NablaFlow 920782132

The Vision: We aim to reshape the world of wind simulations by streamlining, automating, simplifying, tuning and finally deploying web based tools, bring the power of HPC CFD simulations on browser and mobile devices. The tools used and developed within Nabla Flow are based on NablaCore. NablaCore is a scalable, seamless, web based technology build on OpenFoam and deployed on different cloud computing platforms. We provide consultancy for wind simulations, using the most sophisticated algorithms and techniques. NablaFlow was founded in 2018 with the aim of rethink and redesign the way wind and aero assessments are done. Our core vision revolves around the democratization and streamlining of complex tasks and we base our philosophy on four pillars: - automation, streamlining and lean interfaces. - machine learning and ai algorithms - parametrization and optimization - data assimilation and data driven simulations We are active on multiple fields and we have a large range of partners and industries that we collaborate with, from professional sports to architecture.

2018 Stavanger
Neddy 925433799

Startupen Neddy lager applikasjoner som legger til rette for gode læringsopplevelser for både lærere og elever. Fra dag én har Neddy jobbet tett med lærere i utviklingsarbeidet for å sikre relevante og nyttige løsninger. Neddy jobber forskningsbasert og tett på klasserommet for å tilby relevante løsninger med stor nytteverdi. Ved hjelp av kunstig intelligens bistår Neddy lærere med å skape individuelt tilpassede læringsopplevelser. De er forkjempere for elevenes personvern og genuint opptatt av å gi barn trygge digitale rom.

2020 Oslo
Nisonic 918980121

Nisonic develops a device for detecting intracranial pressure using ultrasound imaging and machine learning. It uses transducer for transorbital ultrasound imaging and measurements based on machine-learning algorithms.

2017 Trondheim
No Isolation 815716272

No Isolation er et norsk selskap, grunnlagt i 2015 for å redusere ensomhet og sosial isolasjon gjennom varm teknologi og kunnskap. De har hovedkontor i Oslo, og lokale kontorer i London og München. Deres produkter er AV1, en kommunikasjonsrobot for barn og unge med langtidssykdom, og Komp, datamaskinen med kun én knapp. En stor del av jobben vi gjør handler om å samle, skrive og publisere forskning på sosial isolasjon og ensomhet. Gjennom forskningssamarbeid ønsker vi å rette et søkelys mot ensomhetsproblemet og effekten av varm teknologi.

2015 Oslo
Nordic Brain Tech 923149430

Nordic Brain Tech AS is a spin-off company from The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and St.Olavs Hospital in Norway. The company was founded in 2019 to commercialize a research-based intervention for treating migraines by the use of remote biofeedback. Our co-founders are Norway's leading headache experts with wide international support. We have competence within neurology, neuropsychology, biofeedback, robotics and data science.

2019 Oslo
RagnaRock Geo 920835252

RagnaRock Geo has developed an AI software that analyzes and interprets seismic data. It allows users to collect large datasets, analyze and capture useful insights to help geophysicists using artificial intelligence technologies. Clients include StartupLab, Concedo, T:Lab and Artificial intelligence lab.

2018 Trondheim
Scout Drone Inspection 920197744

Scout Drone Inspection has developed an autonomous quadcopter drone for applications in visual inspection and non-destructive testing (NDT) of enclosed and poorly lit environments. The drone features enclosed propeller structure and comes with artificial intelligence that provides spatial awareness and decision-making capabilities to avoid collision with its surroundings. The drones can be mounted with multiple sensors for gathering high-quality inspection data which is then processed by the proprietary software for interpretation, report generation and storage purposes. The company is a spin-off from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

2017 Trondheim
Sevendof 922903255

Sevendof is building the drone infrastructure of the future. They seek to make drones available as a service to help solve problems such as inspection, mapping, and search and rescue. To accomplish this, Sevendof are building a network of stations housing long-range drones capable of carrying out missions automatically, without humans in the field. With Their drone infrastructure, different users will be able to use the same drones to solve different use-cases, which will allow Sevendof to improve the availability and reduce operational costs for each user. Sevendof's mission is to make drones a safe and positive tool to help solve important problems in a scalable manner.

2019 Trondheim
Smart Ispection 999230857

Smart Inspection er et ungt, men kompetent selskap. Vi tilbyr inspeksjonstjenester til samferdsel - vei, bro og tunell-objekter. Dette er i dag fremdeles kjernen i vårt tjenesteregister. I 2016 tok selskapet et steg videre og startet utvikling egne sensorer og systemer for scanning ved hjelp av droner, helikoptre og kjøretøy. I 2017 og 2018 har vi beveget oss videre inn i verdikjeden og utvikler i vår FOU-avdeling nå løsninger for bedre lagring og deling av BIM og scannerdata i prosjekt- og driftsfasen av objekter.

2012 Kristiansand
Soundsensing 922774692

The World Health Organization, the United Nations, new EU regulations, and national health organisations have one thing in common: they are starting to realise the threat of noise pollution on public health. Soundsensing develops an IoT sound sensor able to automatically identify sounds using machine learning. Our mission is to use sound as data source to help solve challenges in construction, manufacturing, offices and cities. Soundsensing researches and develops technology at the bleeding edge of Machine Learning on Audio using wireless sensor nodes. Our research areas are focused around the use of wireless Audio sensors for Noise Monitoring and Condition Monitoring of Machinery.

2019 Oslo
Spacemaker 917616159

Spacemaker is a provider of site planning and analysis solutions. The company leverages AI-based technology to create and explore through various site possibilities. It also offers detailed statistics regarding each of them. It uses zoning laws, physical environment, quality preferences, market features, environmental factors, among other factors to create various site proposals. The company has partnered with Backe, BOB, OBOS, Skanska, and NREP among others. The company believe in better ways to design suistainable cities, as a way to further reduce the carbon emissions that buildings cause which is currently at roughly 40%.

2016 Oslo
Strise 918330100

Strise is a personalized AI platform that enables financial institutions to accelerate business processes such as anti-money laundering, sales prospecting, and credit risk. It offers a personalized data platform for financial institutions that solves critical business problems and can adapt to user needs.

2016 Trondheim
Syngens 926086014

Syngens is a Norwegian startup operating within the domains of AI and synthetic biology. Syngens combines decades of molecular biology research with cutting edge machine learning algorithms. Their platform enables the de novo design of regulatory sequences—promoter and 5' UTR— together with underlying context—host and coding sequence—to provide predictable output. This improves the efficiency and productivity of existing products and enables the development of entirely new products due to its novel approach and capabilities.

2020 Heimdal
Think Outside 918585648

Sknow er en radarløsning for snø med state-of-the art signalprosessering og maskinlæringsanalyse av snømassen (snølag, snødybde, snøegenskaper, relativ vannmetning, identifisering av farlige egenskaper/snølag. Sknow utvikles som portabel sensor for skikjørere (B2B forretningsmodell)og som stasjonær løsning og industriell portabel løsning for industri knyttet til snø (B2B forretningsmodell). Militæret (norsk og amerikansk spesialstyrker er også interessert i en potensiell militærversjon av Sknow for Ski. For skikjøreren medfører bruk av Sknow 'øyne inn i snøen' og direkte oppdatert kunnskap om snøforholdene slik at skikjørere kan ta bedre beslutning om sikkerhet i fjellet. Sknow for ski utvikles også med tilleggsfunksjoner som måler fart, trykk, unik bevegelse av skikjører, samt integreres med RFID slik at skibransjen kan tracke skibruk av kjørere for ny innovasjon.

2017 Bergen
Unloc 919424508

Unloc provide a lock service for both the private and company customer. Their API can also be integrated into other apps. (needs a better text)

2017 Oslo
Vake 922795010

Vake is a Norwegian machine learning company at the cutting edge of satellite guided Maritime Domain Awareness. We differ from other satellite data analytics companies with our pure maritime focus, a focus that makes us uniquely positioned to extract and provide deep insights across multiple maritime data sources. Illegal fishing, assets protection and environmental crimes are immense global challenges. The breakdown of our amphibious ecosystems will affect us for generations to come. Total Maritime Domain Awareness is an important step towards resolving these problems. This is a combined effort, and we want to do our part by providing transparency and accountability for any activity at sea. We use machine learning to automatically detect ships in satellite images. The result of our sole maritime focus is in a specialized algorithm capable of generating training data. This makes us uniquely flexible in terms of dat a source, scalability, and the degree of human verification. Creating one-of-a kind maritime insight suited to your needs.

2019 Oslo
VIBBIO 916722516

VIBBIO is an online AI-based video creation platform for marketing purposes. It provides a SaaS-based video creation platform that offers on-demand video production. It offers various features for businesses to capture and upload their content in the cloud-based library. It also allows users to book a producer for filming, content specialist for text, and story assistance. It provides solutions for the creation of marketing videos, internal communication, company presentations, product teasers, recruitment ads, etc. Dell, Capgemini, Spore Steria, Kpmg, and Scandic are some of its clients.

2015 Oslo
Viva Smart Home 898444392

Viva Labs offers products and services for home automation and energy efficiency. Device uses smart algorithms, GPS tracking, video surveillance and intelligent sensors help control and monitor home. Their product mix contains smart plugs to control and monitor the plugged in device. Viva uses GPS and sensors to automatically adjust lights and heating. Offers a smart phone application to monitor and control from outside the home.

2013 Oslo
VOCA 989527460

We develop AI technology for machines operating in uncontrolled and harsh environments. Our innovative robot vision and Artificial Intelligence technology platform VOCA EngineTM has been powering applications in the industry since 2014, and has been continuously developed for more than a decade. It is specifically designed to exert different levels of digitalization and autonomous machine control, and is continually updated with new features, algorithms and support options.

2006 Kristiansand
Way 915629377

Way AS digitize traffic training through the use of virtual environments and automated feedback. Their artificially intelligent traffic instructor will be compatible with both simulator, car and desktop. With the help of the software platform and a full-scale driving simulator, the student should be able to easily and efficiently acquire the necessary competence on the road to becoming a safe driver. The teacher, for their part, will benefit from Way's full-fledged backooffice system for planning and organizing. With this, Way wants to create a comprehensive solution and a future standard for intelligent and effective traffic training, both nationally and internationally.

2015 Trondheim 912794385 provides indoor mobility solutions for consumers. It offers technological systems for moving equipment from one place to another including furniture, medical equipment, pallets, full-size walls, among others. Its offerings include Basic- a patented mechanical castor system which let users move anything with a 7mm lift on the object to move, Smart- a castor system which allows moving objects by using voice commands, and Genius- an autonomous wheel comprising of a robot component and indoor navigation technology. Smart and Genius work in integration with a companion application that allows users to remotely control and manage its settings. is a Robotics and IoT company

2013 Oslo