Norwegian AI Directory

Data about the field of AI in Norway

One of the foundations of this project is sharing data, yet another is to make data open to be challenged by you – who visit this platform – so we can improve the accuracy of our data.

This platform was set up by Norwegian Artificial Intelligence Research Consortium (NORA). NORA aims to strengthen Norwegian research, education and innovation within artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics. NORA is a collaboration between eight universities, two university colleges and three research institutes. The intention of this website is to go beyond the members of NORA and map out information more broadly about Norway, and we intend to partner with other data providers to ensure we provide an accurate picture.

Underneath you will find information about the data gathered for each tab on this website.

The ‘AI Projects’ tab has data gathered from the Norwegian Research Council (NFR). One important aspect to note about data from NFR is that it only shows funding allocations to Norwegian actors, as such it does not show the full sum of an EU project. Searches were made at Prosjektbanken both in Norwegian and English on ‘artificial intelligence’, ‘kunstig intelligens’, ‘machine learning’, ‘maskinlæring’, ‘robotics’, ‘robotikk’, ‘dyp læring’, and ‘deep learning’. Data was exported and joined from these searches on the x of June 2021. The project ID’s were communicated to Kari-Anne Kristensen (system owner at NFR). 2000 projects were pruned to 821. After manually checking each project with a binary coding for relevance (1/0), we arrived at 785 relevant projects. This list of projects will be sent to the NORA research support network for additional quality assurance. One aim in the future is to use a REST API to synchronise with data published by NFR. This is already possible to some extent through the Norwegian Directorate of Digitalisation’s REST API called Datahotell. However, there were discrepancies between the NFR quarterly data published in the Norwegian National Data Catalogue (Felles Datakatalog) and data found on Prosjektbanken. For accuracy we decided to choose Prosjektbanken. The wish long-term would be to use a REST API to directly synchronise relevant data with Prosjektbanken, and manually remove new data entries that we see, through our research support network, lacks relevance for the field of AI. More details about the NFR data can be found in their own description.

The ‘Education’ tab contains AI-related courses on PhD and master’s level in Norway gathered by NORA. The data gathering was undertaken by NORA and the courses on PhD-level were sent to our education council for quality assurance. The current list of courses now containing courses on master’s level will be sent to the NORA education council for further checks. One possibility to gather more information is through exploring the database for statistics on higher education (DBH). Another suggested pathway is to collaborate more with the newly formed Directorate for Higher Education and Competencies (HK-dir), a merger of several departments under the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research. We are open to suggestions on how we can gather and display more information about AI-related courses in Norway.

The ‘Funding’ tab is structured as a list of opportunities in the field of AI to secure financing for your projects. This list is currently curated by Sachin Gaur, the research coordinator in NORA, and is part of NORA’s contribution towards Research Council of Norway funded EU network for Horizon Europe. Navigating funding from the EU can be challenging, and we do not propose we have a complete list, rather we do our best to highlight the opportunities that we find to share it with you. NORA is also an Innovation Norway funded entrepreneurial ecosystem for innovation, as such you might also see AI-related funding opportunities relevant for startups in the future.

In terms of broader questions to our data long-term we are considering:

  1. What data streams are required?
  2. How can we build processes to keep our data updated?
  3. How can we build a network of data providers that work together to ensure the data quality and relevance?
  4. What stories can we tell with our data about the Norwegian AI landscape?

Please contact if you have any questions or creative ideas regarding our data or more generally about the development of this website.

Disclaimer: NORA makes no claims nor guarantees about the data gathered. However we will strive to make the information on this website both accurate and up to date. As such, NORA expressly disclaims liability for errors and omissions in the contents of this site. We would appreciate it if you informed us of any discrepancies in our data and we will continuously work to improve our data quality. We hold no copyright or legal rights on the data published on this website, please use a proper citation when you refer to this data. Still, we recommend that you visit the original data source in each given case to ensure the integrity of the information.

We would kindly ask that you cite our website if you are using the data on this website:

Kushtrim, V., Moltzau, A., Amundsen, J., Strand, A. (2021). The Norwegian AI Directory:

The first version of the website was built in the beginning of July 2021 by Kushtrim Visoka, Jørgen Amundsen and Alex Moltzau.